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I am fighting to create a Texas that meets the needs of the working class and not a handful of wealthy donors. That is why I am not taking contributions from corporations or corporate PAC money, I am relying on the contributions of the people of District 33 to power my campaign. 

North Texas

Deserves a Leader for the Working-Class

            As a working-class American, Viktor knows firsthand the struggles that working-class Americans live through. Living from paycheck to paycheck, limiting spending to cover overdue bills, pushing necessities such as doctor visits or car repairs to a tomorrow that will most likely never come is a tough life. Viktor believes that North Texas families deserve better. They deserve someone that will reach out to these families not only during election years but always, they deserve a government official that listens to its constituents, and they deserve a real change that benefits the average working-class American.

            When his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure and his father needed reconstructive surgery on his right arm due to an injury, Viktor came home from school to work to support his family. He experienced first hand the hardship that is medical bills and the terrible care that people without insurance experience.

            Viktor will listen and understand the needs of the people of District 33 and is willing to fight to achieve affordable healthcare, education, and a decent livable wage. Viktor doesn’t just want to make life better for the working-class, but for everyone who lives in North Texas.

United States Congressional District 33, Texas

Texas's 33rd Congressional District is a new district that was created as a result of the 2010 Census. Texas's 33rd Congressional District is composed of two counties: Dallas County and Tarrant County. In Dallas County, the district covers parts of Dallas, Irving, and Grand Prairie, and all of Cockrell Hill. In Tarrant County, the district includes parts of Arlington, Forest Hill, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Haltom City, Saginaw and Sansom Park, and all of Everman.


Women should not need to pay more for services just because they are women

Restructure our Legal System on all levels to insure Due Process and protections of constitutional rights.

Right to Vote

Every US Citizen deserves the right to vote regardless of Race, Religion, Orientation and Criminal History. 

Healthcare is a Basic Right that all Americans should have.

Protecting LGBT Rights to ensure equal treatment and rid discrimination

Healthcare is a Basic Right that all Americans should have.

Comprehensive Reform to ensure security and a clear and clean path to citizenship. 

Equal Rights Amendment

Reopen convention to ratify the 1974 ERA laws to ensure discrimination protections. 

In The Richest Nation In The World,

working class families should not have to struggle. This movement for Congress is about North Texans's right to healthcare, education, justice and equal rights. It is about preserving our dignity.

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