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Viktor, a Working-Class American 

                                                I grew up in the central valley of California . Both my father and                                                       mother worked in the field picking berries in the Watsonville CA                                                       fields. My parents migrated to the United States from Mexico in                                                        the1990s. In the summer of 2004 my parents along with my siblings                                                  and me moved to Fort Worth Texas. I attended W.P. McLean Middle                                                  School and Trimble Technical Highschool in Fort Worth TX. I received my Associates of Applied Science from Tarrant County College. I also attended the University of Dallas. I came home from UD to support my family when my mother was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and my father had an accident that resulted in reconstructive surgery in his right arm.

           I worked in various jobs trying to pay for hospital visits and treatments and trying to stay current with bills. With the current Healthcare system it was nearly impossible to afford these visits and treatments. Medication costs alone were burdensome even with prescription discounts. We were not eligible for Obama care or the subsidies the program offered.  Because of these costs I did not have the opportunity to return to school.

          Finding a well paying job was difficult as many locations wanted a 3 to 5 year experience for an entry level job. I found myself working as Lyft diver to support my family. Working 12 to 14 hour days as a driver didn’t yield much but it was a way to help my parents keep the house and treatments.  Despite the hard work I still struggled to make ends meet. I experienced first hand what many families in North Texas experience; foreclosure, payment delinquency and financial hardship. As many children of migrant parents I was at the forefront of these battles. I acted as a representative for my parents and was the point of contact between companies and my parents.  I gained experience from navigating through these situations and managing to come out on top.

           This experience gave me a  deeper understanding of how policies affect working class Americans and their families. As a working class American I do not want my situation repeated with others. It is why I decided to run for congress and join the movement towards equality in the work place, healthcare and education. Just as I represented my parents and sought after their best interest I will seek the best interest for North Texas families. Working-Class Americans should not have to worry about losing their home or risk their health because of costly healthcare. Americans should have the right to well paying jobs and to education that will prepare them for the future.

           North Texas needs a representative that will listing to the constituants and not be another puppet of the party. A representative that will not follow party lines to climb the political career ladder and challenge the establishment politicians. North Texas needs a representative that has experienced the struggles of the average North Texan family, to protect hard working families from faulty policies and greedy corporations. A leader that will not bend over backwards for corporations. North Texas deserves.

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